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Gone but Not Forgotten: Gateway 2000

What does a cattle ranch have in common with computers? Admittedly not much, but that didn’t stop a couple of college dropouts from capitalizing on the concept to create a lucrative business that would reshape how consumers perceive and purchase personal computers.

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Realme 7 Pro Review

The Realme 7 Pro offers some meaningful upgrades over the Realme 6 Pro, but loses some key features too. Is this worth a buy at a starting price of Rs. 19,999? Read our review to find out.

Gone but Not Forgotten: Palm

Palm, the inventor of the Palm Pilot, is one of the earliest and most successful personal digital assistants which made the name “Palm” synonymous with PDAs, a leading handheld computing form factor for nearly a decade and the precursor to the modern smartphone.

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Realme 7 Review

The Realme 7 is an incremental update to the Realme 6, featuring a new SoC, bigger battery and an improved main rear camera. Is it worth buying? Find out in our review.

The Best Smartphones 2020

There are many factors to consider when buying a new phone, but for most people the crucial element is the price. Are you willing to shell out over $1,000 on the latest and greatest flagships? Perhaps a $400 mid-range champion takes your fancy? Or maybe you want something under $200 that simply gets the job done.

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Crusader Kings III Review

Crusader Kings III is an immense game, but also an immense achievement. There’s really nothing else quite like it. It’s a strategy game, and a good one at that, and like I’ve said if you only want to raise armies and conquer the world, this will let you do that and you’ll have a good time with it.

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